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Welcome to our PSY AC Clan website

This is the official webpage for the PSY AC Clan. Please leave your comments at the Guestbook.

The clan was founded December 12, 2010.

Our servers are:

Main Server: **** EUROPEAN FAST SERVER ****

Capacity: 12 Players

Custom Connect:

Admins: [PSY]Death, [PSY]pwnmeister, [PSY]Gaby

Location: Brussels

Training Server: .... b. EUROPEAN FAST SERVER ....

Capacity: 8 Players

Custom Connect: PORT 10000

Admins: [PSY]Death, [PSY]Legend, [PSY]Z3R0

Location: Brussels

We try to let them 24/7.

  Welcome! =D

        * You have to be invited and tested.



Incase you didn't notice...

23/06/2011 17:17
Incase you didn't notice, yes the clan has been severely inactive. You're all free to leave if you want. Am I the one who is required to fix this? No...You're all responsible for this clan, if you want to coward then leave and do not give out your...

Loss of more members......

23/06/2011 17:16
Gaby and KillerGirl have now left the clan. Good luck with your new clan. ~pwnmeister 

Koumori has joined the clan

23/06/2011 17:14
[PSY]Koumori has now joined the clan, welcome! ~pwnmeister 

Removal of Server

22/05/2011 18:17
The removal of Beast from the [PSY] clan means the removal of the Match Server: [PSY] Match Server - USA run by Beast. This server is no longer part of PSY infrastructure. ~Pwnmeister 

Beast has left and has been kicked from the clan

22/05/2011 17:38
Beast has been kicked and has left the clan. He is suspected of cheating, as well as failed administrator impersonation on other servers. A further investigation will occur, Standby for updates. ~Pwnmeister
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